light up costume 6 steps with pictures

Light Up Costume

This brief tutorial will walk you through how to make a light up costume using electroluminescent wire (el wire). This costume in particular was custom made for DJ performing around the world. I worked closely with the designer and the el wire supplier to produce this piece in about two weeks' time. With these simple steps, you too can customize your costume with el wire to light up the night! Built in 2007 (my first el wire project ever!) , it's still in use today.

Since this was my first foray into the world of el wire, I had no supplies in stock, and no idea what exactly I would need. I did extensive research to determine the most cost-effective way to achieve the design, and decided to go with, whose products were both affordable and well-reviewed.

To get a more accurate idea of what supplies I would need, I applied the layout I'd created to the actual garments.

*modifications included sewing the front of the suit closed, sewing the collar closed in a standing position, adding a full length zipper to the back, adding spats to cover the shoes, and attaching the kneepads

After the wire configuration was mocked-up with rope, I used chalk to outline the traces.

I used a variety of things to secure the el wire to the different elements of the costume.

I blacked out certain areas of the wire with matte black tape, since that provided less interference than running the wire inside the costume. I needed to make this suit as user-friendly as possible.

The only thing left is to connect all the wires, turn it on, and hope it works!

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Whoo! 5* and faved! Amazing, you've outdone yourself you really have.

how much is the wire

Ok I really need help. My son is a hip hop dancer and there is no way I can make this. Anyway someone could make it for us? He really wants one

Thanks for a fantastic tutorial walk though.. About to start a project and was looking for tips and found your Instructable.. Thank You!!

Hello dear, this is very well written, really beautiful, I am an art director and stylist, we have this show coming up and I'd love it if you could kindly give me your contact details so I can get in touch? Thank youu

Hi! I no longer have this costume, but if you're interested in creating a new one, you can PM me.

Hi! I'm wondering if I could use this tutorial to make a dance costume for myself - will it be okay to use a costume made from this instructions for a full out dance competition or is it just for things like slow-move homecoming parties?

Now you can make a light show steeper controlled ipad

what does "tron" mean?

Uww Tron mode. I want to try.

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